How to Download Instagram Stories on Your iPhone

25 August 2020 | Iphone

How to Download Instagram Stories on Your iPhone

Instagram Stories was meant to be a space for temporary posts. But sometimes, people put up great content and you want to save and keep it. While the app doesn’t officially let you do this, we’ll show you how to easily save stories from Instagram to iPhone camera roll in this tutorial.

Instagram Stories was the most important feature added to the app once it absolutely was non inheritable by Facebook.Stories provides a Snap-chat-like perform that lets users post an image or video they’re doing at a given purpose of your time, however briefly.What if you found a story that really speaks to you, and you want to save it to your camera roll? Even though the app doesn’t officially let you do it, it’s actually quite easy to download and save Instagram stories to your iPhone camera roll.

You just have to follow a couple of steps, which don’t even involve downloading external tools. Note that these steps will only allow you to save photo stories due to Safari’s limited download capabilities. However, you can follow the same steps on Mac or PC also to download video stories.

How to Download Stories from Instagram to iPhone Camera Roll

Step #1. Open homepage in Safari on iPhone.

Step #2. Now, Open your Instagram Profile on iPhone.

Step #3. Tap on the search and look for a public profile. You’ll see a list of the stories they’ve posted. It’s important to note that the save function will only work with users who have public profiles and public stories.

Step #4. Go back to Instaview and enter the user’s username in the search box, then click Download Now below to their profile.

Step #5. Select Download Now to see the available stories to download below. Keep scrolling to view all stories.

Step #6. Tap on Download Now immediately below a given story. It will open it up as an image in a new tab.

Step #7. Long press on the image, then tap on Add to Photos to download it.

That’s all there is to it. If you’ve followed this guide correctly, you should have been able to download and save an Instagram story from a public profile user. Keep it for yourself in the camera roll or do an actual repost. That’s up to you.

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