Warranty policy


Warranty is provided for some of our products. Before you claim for the warranty, you have to check your product is applicable for the warranty by reading our warranty policy. If it is applicable, we will be happy to provide you with a warranty. You have to come to our branches to receive the warranty.

Warranty policy

Display Warranty Policy:

  • - Accidental Damage: If any issues occur on display such as broken display, black screen, white screen, color line, dead pixel & liquid damage warranty won’t be applicable.

Battery Warranty Policy:

  • - For liquid damage, short circuits, or any kind of battery health-related issues warranty won’t be applicable. We will provide a warranty if you are not satisfied with the backup of the battery.

Products Warranty Policy:

    Warranty won’t be applicable for the below-mentioned reason -
  • - Without valid cash memos/invoices & box.
  • - Physical damages such as broken, liquid damage, scratches, or any other spots on products visible.
  • - In some scenarios, providing the warranty might take a maximum of 7-30 days.

Repair Warranty Policy:

  • -If the same issues occur in 30 days, we will fix the issues without new charges, and later on, if we aren’t able to fix them, we will refund the amount you paid us.

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