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Instant Repair

Instant Repair: Our specialists are here for real-time scheduling support for instant repair service within which we can provide one of the highest possible solutions for your Apple device.

Instant Repair
Best Repair Specialists

Specialized & efficient expert technicians are available here to deal with any problem regarding your Apple device within the shortest possible time.

Best Repair Specialists
Fastest Repair Time

We are providing the best solution within the lowest possible time keeping in mind the value of your precious time.

Fastest Repair Time
iPhone 11 Pro Max in Bangladesh
Low Repair Prices
Low Repair Prices

We are assuring you that whatever be the problem with your device our specialized technicians will come up with the best solution that too within the cheapest & affordable price limit.

Special Guarantee
Special Guarantee

We are giving a special guarantee offer for your device to come up with the best solution.

with our specialized technician team & of course,

we will deal with it giving the highest priority.

Original Spare Parts
Original Spare Parts

We are giving a special guarantee of repairing or replacing your device with the highest quality original Apple parts for a given length of time.

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Let us help! If your phone has a broken front glass, non-responsive buttons

Everyone loves to make his iPhone to look better. But Sometime we broke our iPhone upper glass. moreover, it looks so wired and it’s so risky for the iPhone’s Display.

However, we need to replace the broken Upper glass into a new one.

but it’s so difficult to find Professional Apple Device Service Center to Replace the upper Glass.

However, Don’t Worry iFixit is here for iPhone Repair. We will replace your iPhone’s Upper Glass into new with care & advanced machines at our Apple Service Center.

iPhone 11 Pro Repair - iFixit BD

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iPhone Repair 97%
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Apple Watch Repair 66%

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