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Original Battery


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Apple Watch Battery Replacement in Dhaka Bangladesh ifixit bd

Original Display


iphone display - iphone screen repair ifixit bd


ipad display - ipad screen repair ifixit bd


macbook display - macbook screen repair ifixit bd


apple watch display - apple watch screen repair ifixit bd

Apple Accessories & Compontents is always an essential things for you. before you get thoose things let’s learn somthing more about it.

Apple inc

Apple and steves jobs, the two most successful words in the Techworld. A person who considers him as a tech lover must love steve jobs. Apple products are famous and undoubtedly, has high demand all over the world. Because it has the most advanced features and great innovation. Every time they introduced us with great technologies and make a huge in our society as well as a personal lifestyle.


Like any other country, Bangladesh also has a huge number of iPhone users. They love to use various products like iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, and Apple watches. whenever Apple launched a product you will see a craze among the Bangladeshi youth as well as all ages of people.


Apple products: Bangladesh

However, it doesn’t matter which brand you used, you will always face difficulties with your electronic gadgets. So, fixing those problems you may need various types of components and the case of Apple products, though there is a huge demand for apple components it is so hard to find any reliable shop where you can find authentic apple components.


So, do you looking for the best shop where you can find original apple accessories? Don’t worry! 


Apple accessories in a shop in Bangladesh

We understand your pain. Therefore, To Solve your problem we have We provide authentic products to Apple product users of bangladesh.most importantly, all most every product we sell that came up with 2 years warranty and at an affordable price. Moreover, we provide free consultancy for any kind of problem you face with gadgets.besides, we also have free diagnostic service


Apple accessories

Original device


 Apple may be a great innovator but sorry to say, they still haven’t launched any product which is unbreakable.whenever you buy apple products keep it in mind that your display may be brake or it can be cracked if you fall it accidentally.


If you already broke your iPhone,iPad or iMac then you can buy an original display for your device from


Original battery


Facing issues with battery isn’t a big deal. Battery life reduces gradually. By changing your battery you can make your device better. If you contact we can provide you with authentic batteries for your Apple accessories.


iPhone accessories

Just an iPhone isn’t enough. You need many gadgets to use iPhone perfectly.

for example iPhone cover, earbuds, power bank, extra sim card adapter, wireless charger, headphone adapter, and other things.if you wanna know more click to the 10 best iPhone accessories for 2019.


You can buy the best iPhone accessories from as well as  Apple accessories too.

we have products like wireless charger, headphone adapter, sim car adapter, lightning USB cable, C-type USB cable, basic earbuds, advanced earbuds, and so many things. In comparison to others, we have the best quality products and best rates.   


iPad accessories

You may lose useful Apple accessories that came with an iPad or you may need some extra components to make iPad use more comfortable. Undoubtedly,  Components like gooseneck table holder, keyboard, carrying case and stand for Apple iPad pencil, iPad battery charger with a lightning cable, iPad cover made a better user experience.


 Therefore, you can buy useful iPad parts from to make your life better.     

iMac accessories

Though an iMac combines your computer display and hardware in one elegant package, it’s a little lacking when it comes to other accessories. You may find that you need a better keyboard,  mouse, storage device, ports and so on.

To make your work smooth and better you can  buy comfortable keywords, wireless mouse, storage device and speaker system  from us  


MacBook accessories 

comparatively, Apple’s MacBooks are powerful devices because alway they used the latest advanced features in their devices.but you will not able to take its full advantage without adding some extra components.


therefore, if you wanna reach its full potentials then you had better use components like power bank, charging adapter, C-type USB cable, soundproof headphones, extra storage device, wireless mouse, and ports. To buy these products you can visit    

Apple Watch accessories 

Do you want to look cooler or want to make your Apple watch more potential? If your answer is yes – easily you can do this by changing your watch belt or case. You can also add some components for better service.    

iPhone Back cover

To protect your iPhone devices from dust and other things you should use back covers. You will find various back covers in our shop with the latest features as well as unique designs.