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That is to say, iFixit is one of the leading Apple Device Service Centres in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Our technician’s area unit specialists within the latest Softwares and hardware, therefore you’ll be able to rest straight forward knowing your device is within the right hands.


In this section, you will know about iPad history. Firstly, The first iPad was introduced by Apple inc. in January 2010. However, Within three months, the iPad was available in the market. In additionally, the iPad came with a large  LED display with multi-touch Features. Similarly, other Apple devices iPad also used iOS operating system.

However, the iPad creates a middle point between the iPhone as well as the iMac.  it was not only affordable but also portable for its lite weight and cost.therefore, the iPad was undoubtedly a market successful product for Apple. above all, people really need a product like an iPad. 

As a result, they bring some more development in the iPad according to customer needs. For example, firstly,  they bring an iPad mini which is for the small-screen lover, secondly, iPad air with incredible power as well as incredible value, finally, the iPad Pro, they used the advanced and latest technology.

However, the user of the iPad is increasing day by day. Similarly like other country Bangladesh has so many iPad users. though iPad users increased and still is increasing.  The problem is for Apple users is to find the best Apple Service Center. However, the customer also has quality and trust issues for fake products, but we Provide a replacement/money back Guaranty of our Service & Products.

Therefore, If you are looking for some iPad Parts & Accessories, then you can visit iFixit BD. firstly, we are providing not only the best quality iPad Accessories as well as iPad parts but also at the best price whenever you need it. In fact, we never compromise with product quality. For that reason, we may be the best option you have. moreover, you can find various products on the iPad here.


iPad Accessories & Parts For Repairing Your Device


For Example, Can different iPad accessories & parts be replaced ? Yes, Undoubtedly –in fact, we have a range of replacements for most of the repair requirements for Apple Device . However, Here is some example of iPad replacement parts we have available include: 

For example : 

  • iPad LCD Screen Display
  • Battery
  • Camera
  • Audio and microphone flex and parts
  • Home Button
  • iPad Earpod
  • Lightning cable or Adapter


However, If you’re unsure why your iPad certainly isn’t working properly, simply get in touch with us. Because We understand not everyone knows the ins and outs and their tech. Therefore, you may need to rely on the advice of an expert undoubtedly. 

Firstly, Check out the wide range of quality iPad parts we have in stock. Whatever model you own, you’ll be able to provide the replacement part you need. 


Why choose us for iPad Accessories & Parts ? 


As a major and experienced BD based apple service center Firstly, needs to ensue quality iPad accessories & Parts, therefore, you can be sure to get original parts from us That is to say. That aside we also offer a number of other services or support for those replacement parts from us. So, Some of these are listed below;

  • Great value is a core goal with us and if you can find a part we sell available in addition at the best price from a competitor undoubtedly.
  • Still, Some of our components are backed by a replacement warranty during a time period. Therefore, you don’t need to be worry!
  • We Shipping All Over Bangladesh and most importantly, within – 1 – 7  Working days. Firstly, we need to confirm your order.
  • However, Shipping time may vary depending on the destination. So, Please be patient!
  • In addition, If any iPad parts that you receive in a faulty condition. Therefore, You can be returned to us for replacement under the terms of our during 30-day Money Back Guarantee policy.
  • In addition, We provide Free Shipping all over Bangladesh.