Apple Battery Replacement

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Know before you do Apple Battery Replacement.

On our iPhone at first  we used to get a problem about a thing that is about the battery. The use of mobile usage in our daily lives is increasing day by day, so for that reason all of us need to have a Good battery backup.

If there is no charge then the phone will not run. But with the use maybe our iPhone charges are low or there is a problem with the battery. In this case, you have to change your iPhone’s battery?

Apple Battery Replacement

iPhone battery replacement

Now I will tell you about 6 signs, through which you can understand your battery’s battery needs to be changed:


  1. Firstly, Depending on the lifetime of your iPhone’s battery, It’s cycle count or battery is charged. After the battery charge of 1000 Battery Cyle,after that, the battery performance of the iPhone is over.  However, If you don’t know ! How battery Cycle Works ? then let’s learn easiliy.

Battery Cycle means 100% Charge is 1 Cycle. However, if you use and drain 100% it will take 1 Battery Cycle. Moreover, if you use your device while 90% Charge then again charge it on 40% and then again you use it on 100% and stop on 50%. Then it will count as 1 Battery Cycle.

few years ago/recently  Apple said in a support document, “All rechargeable batteries will be reduced to a low cost and limited life, eventually it retains its efficiency and effectiveness, so/that’s why it needs to be changed.”


2 Secondly,. Check your iPhone’s battery health. If your iPhone’s battery health comes down to below 75%, then quickly change your iPhone’s battery as soon as possible. However, Apple Recommend to Change your iPhone Battery when the battery health is below 75% . but from our research and experience. 

We think you can use it till 75% .However, You can also change on 80% it’s depends on you. If you are satisfied with the charge.

  1. If your iphone is suddenly turned off. When its have the charge of your iPhone, this can be another sign that you have to change the battery of your iPhone.


  1. Moreover, If your iPhone gets too hot then you have to change the battery of your iPhone, but remember that sometimes your battery can be a little bit hot with your regular uses, or they will no need to change the battery for the game. Only then will have to change if there is excess heating.
  2. Your iPhone’s battery needs to be changed when your iPhone’s battery swirls. You may not realize that many times your phone’s battery has been forgotten, but if you see that the display has swollen / swelled upwards, but remember that due to battery, this is not always the case.


6.The last thing, When you open the charging cable from your iPhone, If it’s Suddenly Turned off. It means your battery is no longer good. However, You have to change your iPhone battery. 


Regardless of any of the above, if you match your iPhone, you will have to change your iPhone’s battery quickly. Because the charge is the most important things for a User and the Device. Without battery it’s like a Dead device. However, Replace the Battery asap. If it’s needed.

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